30 JunWhat would happen if there is no more SEO in the web marketing world?

You may heard of the benefits or advantages of applying Search Engine Optimization to an online business and websites. You may also read about fascinating stories about success with the help of digital marketing and SEO. But, what do you think would happen if we stop optimizing our business pages or blogs?

Obviously, SEO plays an important role in ranking. High-ranking websites mean they are recommended by many people, more relevant and interesting compared to the ones on the last page of search engine. It gives people the impression that the business or blog on the first page being promoted is trustworthy. If there is no SEO, we would not see which one is credible, related or more appropriate.

We all know that a lot of people earn through advertising or having backlinks or guest blogging. Of course, before they engage in such activities, they have to check which one has frequent visitors and readers. It is useless to put up banners or links to a page that is not active or does not have enough viewers.

Well, the most prominent result of removing SEO is that nobody can find a satisfying and pertinent website when you search it on the internet. Since there are no keywords, links, metadata, etc., looking for specific topics up on the net is almost impossible or just like trying your luck to find a corresponding article or page.

The help of Search Engine Optimization and internet marketing is undeniably good. These two has a big impact to the success of every blogger, business owners, internet marketers, content writers and to everyone who works in relation to web marketing and advertising. Just like the other great inventions, SEO will always be part of internet evolution.

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