05 AugAdvantages of Custom Web Design

Still trying to figure out if you will get a self-hosted website instead of a generic or free web? These advantages may help you decide why you should avail the customized one.

  • Your website tells a lot about your business. It is how you make an impression to your potential customers. If you choose a self-hosted or custom web design, you do not have to adjust to what is available because you can choose everything from the logo, graphics, color scheme, content and layout. You will be the master planner so, you can be creative with your ideas.
  • It is proven to be more effective when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. Unlike the generic website, custom web design can allow you to control all the contents and even the codes which can boost SEO. You also have the option to put third party tools or add-ons like SEO tracking for more accurate results.

  • More practical when it comes to financial factor. If ever you want to upgrade or expand your website and you are using a generic/ free blogging sites, you have to spend more because the packages they offer are pricey plus the hosting fee is not yet included. Unlike when you are using a custom web, you can choose which hosting provider suits your budget.
  • It is 100% sure that custom websites are more credible than the free ones. Anybody can create a website anytime with free platforms even those who are not serious with the business so, trusting them is not easy compared to those who have a sophisticated, customized and more professional web design.

  • It is easier to control since most part of the website is editable. Whether you hire a programmer or you know how to handle the codes, a custom web design will always be more manageable.

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